Awesome Valley Collectibles
Alejandro Valle Vera
Kirchenackerweg 1/18
2604 Theresienfeld

Business Objectives:
VAT-Number: ATU74451817
Member of the WKÖ Chamber of Commerce:
WKNÖ, Landesgremium des Versand-, lnternet- und Allgemeinen Handels (318)
Supervisory authority:
Bezirkshauptmannschaft Wiener Neustadt

Information about Online Dispute Resolution:
As a consumer you have the right to file a complaint , address complaints to the European platform of online dispute resolution or write an email to the address named above.

All information about our producers and partners, such as their logos, registered trademarks or commercial names used on our website are owned by the respective business partners and just used for the identification and description of our products. All product pictures shown in the web shop are owned by the respective business partners, too (Neca, Mezco, Hot Toys, Kotobukiya, etc.). The rights of pictures of products taken by us belong to the owner of the web shop, Mr. Alejandro Valle Vera.